Sandie & Shirley

I have overseen Shirley's care for quite a few years now. When she needed a little more attention than what an assistant living could offer, I needed to find a new home for her. I checked out quite a few places and was really impressed with what I saw at Maritime Gardens. Shirley has been living at Maritime Gardens for 13 months now and she and I are still impressed with the great care she receives there. The staff and owners are amazing, and Shirley never has to wait long when she rings her buzzer. Church services are offered there, along with scripture reading everyday, the rosary on a weekly basis, along with many activities for those who wish to participate. The decor and cleanliness of the facility can't be beat. Shirley tells me quite often that she is so glad she chose this as her home. I am so grateful for all those who take such good care of my friend.