Fr. Tim & Jean

Maritime Gardens was clearly the best choice I could have made in terms of health care for my mother. It is by far the best assisted living facility that I have yet to experience. From its size alone, one can immediately sense the familial atmosphere. The devotion of the caregivers and the entire staff is remarkable. This is due in part to the ratio of caregivers to residents. With at most 24 residents, each one is given the extra care that might not be found in larger facilities. 

Each person is treated with the utmost attention and respect. Doors are always open if you have a particular concern or request. The little extras also make the difference. Someone is always there to help. The care plan arranged is meticulously carried out. This is particularly important to me as I live a great distance away. It is such a relief to know that my mother is in such good hands. She has been at Maritime Gardens for nearly five years now and I would not want her to be anywhere else. Most importantly, my mother is happy and contented. This for me is the essential point. She is a person who speaks her mind and if she would not be happy, I and everyone there would be the first to hear about it. The kindness and patience of all who work there is a rare quality on such a broad level. I am truly grateful.

Fr. Timothy McDonnell, Vienna, Austria