Judy Augustine, Director of Resident Care

Welcome!  My name is Judy Augustine.  I serve Maritime Gardens Assisted Living Community as full time registered nurse.  One of the joys in my role is when I meet with you to learn about the rich life stories you bring.  In the words of children's show host Fred Rogers, from television's 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood', we are changed by each encounter with another person.  I value hearing about your parents, friends, and relatives.  I listen to what matters for you in life's day to day routines, as well as answer your questions about Maritime Gardens.

We want to understand the steps of your journey that mean the most.  Your life story tells us who you are.  We promise to get to know you.  We promise to laugh and play with you.  We promise to offer tender loving care everyday.

I am one part of a competent, loving, and hardworking team of caregivers.  Whether I make home-made noodles with you, trim your hair, dance a quick polka, or prepare your personal care plan, I can tell you that Maritime Gardens is HOME.

I invite you to come and share your story, and, to tell what you are looking for in the place you call home.  Building community and connecting the different paths each person walks is where we place our commitment and our energy.  This is Maritime Gardens' way of caring for your heart and soul.